The Emily Georges Gottfried Fund was founded to remember Emily’s work and to honor the relationships she developed over a lifetime of interaction with people of many beliefs and backgrounds. The Fund provides support to organizations who seek to reach out to and dialogue with organizations representing other communities with religions, beliefs, customs, and traditions different from their own for the purpose of mutual understanding and respect. The fund stands for justice, equality and the importance of open dialogue—the guiding principles of Emily’s life’s work.

We encourage your organization to think creatively about ways to talk, work, learn and play with other communities. We’re happy to talk with you any time about how we can support your efforts.

Please contact us with questions or submit the following information to

• Name and contact information for your organization
• A short description of your organization, including a link to your website
• A short description of the program to be funded
• A rough budget, including the amount you are requesting from Emily’s Fund

We look forward to hearing from you.